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What Our Patients Say

"Dr. Black has done an excellent job treating my injury and helping to speed up my recovery. He not only is skilled in applying ART but also provided me with detailed instruction and training for exercises to do on my own to supplement his treatment. I like his holistic approach to treatment that included recommended dietary supplements and referrals to other complementary physicians and healthcare providers and highly recommend him.”



"You have been life-changing in my athletic life, never steered me wrong, and see you as my sports and healthy living mentor. Thank you and may God continue to bless you richly. Again, cudo's to Stephen A. Black for his fantastic preparation. Result: 19:35 (official time 19:37), nearly a minute PR (my goal was below 20 minutes), and 2nd place at my most traditional running event."

SH (Featured Athlete)


"We are grateful to have you in our lives!! Amazing, passionate and innovative in all aspects of the human body! Here's to your health in 2014 and here's to YOU!"



"Steve - truly....the pleasure is mine. Glad to see things are really coming together for you in the new venture. Here is to a prosperous and fit 2014!"



"I am feeling much better than I did yesterday, that is for sure! This morning I worked on scapular stability and retraction exercises while lifting, and my symptoms were greatly reduced from prior training sessions. I also performed stretching this forenoon and will be working on those again tonight before bed. I am still experiencing irritation in the upper trapezius/levator areas, but I am going to try some heat and soft tissue manipulation tonight to attempt to alleviate that irritation. On a separate note, I just wanted to thank you for your time and skills to provide me assistance in this situation. It has been a very long and frustrating experience, and you are the first professional to offer me a resolution to my problems. Your kindness is SO greatly appreciated, and if there is anything that I can do to compensate you for your time I would be more than happy to do so. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and thank you again for your generosity."



"Dr. Black,

I am absolutely thrilled with the manipulation you performed on my neck yesterday! I was sore last night, but when I went to bed, I could not believe how comfortable it was for me to lay down... in any position. I slept well for the first time in many, many, months and I am just amazed at how good you are at your profession. I would say my pain/discomfort/stiffness has subsided to about 20%-30% at the least, maybe better. Again, many, many, thanks."



"In the Fall of 2010 I injured my right calf and happened to read about active release therapy as a treatment for muscle/tendon problems favored by triathletes. I searched and found an expert practitioner of this in nearby Ft. Myers. I was immediately impressed with Dr. Black's credentials and this grew as I met him and he successfully treated this stubborn injury. He not only guided my recovery from the acute injury, but instituted a program to address the underlying biomechanics problem including stretching, strengthening, shoe selection, and ultimately molded me for custom orthotics.


He analyzed my existing program and helped me to refine it in a scientifically-based way that has led to the complete resolution of training issues. His knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is comprehensive and from the practical side as an athlete he has all the bases covered. I am an orthopedic surgeon and not easily impressed when it comes to so called "experts", but am thoroughly impressed with Dr. Black. Without reservation, he is my go to person on matters dealing with sport and injury. He has a fabulous bed-side manner and backs it up with his vast knowledge base and superb clinical skills. He has successfully guided, advised, and assisted me in training for my first ironman triathlon and a personal record for the marathon."

SH (Featured Athlete)


"Hi Dr. Black,

Feeling much better, everything seems to be calming down and my sleep is not being interrupted any longer. I was finally able to get a massage appt this Saturday so looking forward to that. I have been doing exercises as instructed but have only been in the pool once or twice since we last met. I have been training on exercise bike which I think has helped with blood flow to inflamed area. I hope you are doing well, just let me know when you think we should get together again.


This is awesome….and I agree. It’s true. But there is not anyone I could identify that is as good as you. My shoulder is close to perfect! And no fused neck!!"

RH (Featured Athlete)


"Thank you for your words of encouragement. I wish to deeply thank you and Dr. Humbert and all that you have done to put me back together again and allow me to live life the way it should be lived. I am so very thankful for all the kindness, care, constant positive encouragement and utmost professionalism of the entire team working with Dr. Humbert.The amazing depth of knowledge and penultimate skill of Dr. Humbert and the team have enabled me to recover all of my sports activities with a renewed life that I have not felt in decades. With a new hip and new life, I am able to cross continents into some of the most harsh and underdeveloped regions of the world and work closely with people there in searching for solutions to challenges of underdevelopment and climate change. I promised myself before the operation, if I could walk again, to dedicate my life more thoroughly to this work. It brings great joy to be able to reach these places and lives of people there. As an update, I am now practicing a wide range of yoga moves each day in addition to the basic workout routines, and have revitalized all of my karate katas including advanced black belt katas. In fact, post operation I am doing these katas even smoother and better than ever, at least since my 20s. More so by taking the slower approach that you guided, discovering many of the qi gong aspects concealed within the deeper meaning of the katas. If you like I can send videos to you of the katas and yoga. Am now able to move into a complete lotus position for meditation."

Laurence Braham, PhD, Author, Environmental Philanthropist

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